project overview

In the world of mystery shoppers, Hospitality Check has emerged as a pioneer in providing detailed reports with its professional and meaningful staff. Their agents disguise themselves as guests at restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, and golf courses. The agents evaluate the hospitality of the facility based on several factors. Three essential factors considered in their evaluation are taste, service and atmosphere.

The detailed reports sent by Hospitality Checkpoint helps find room for improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction. The report also determines the bar and staff members’ approaches. The report also helps in avoiding current and future employee theft, shrinkage, and integrity issues. With the help of these reports, brand owners can train their staff accordingly, finding their shortcomings and working on a way to overcome them

Hospitality Checkpoint trains its agents to be as inconspicuous as possible, appearing as everyday customers. The company ensures that its agents have prior experience in the hospitality industry to be able to evaluate their assigned facilities thoroughly.


  • Time-consuming process for agents evaluating a facility
  • The sessions on the mobile view of the website timed out frequently.
  • The website requires uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  • Owners’ inability to track agents’ location.
  • Hospitality
  • Wireframe
  • Design
  • Development

our approach

Hospitality Checkpoint has been using a web-based system to assign locations to its agents and create comprehensive and detailed reports derived from their evaluation. The system lets the agents accept assignments, record timestamps, rate and comment on the different aspects of the facility. The system allowed admins to create reports, based on the evaluation and send them to the respective brand owner. The system had two views, desktop view, which can be accessed only on a desktop or a laptop, and mobile view, accessible from smartphones.


A smartphone application that can be accessed by the agents of Hospitality Checkpoint as well as the brand owners, who visit the assigned establishment disguised as guests. The application aims to offer a comprehensive medium for the agents to accept and get details of assignments, evaluate the establishment, add additional notes, record timestamps, create expense reports, add staff details, make the final summaries, and track location.

The menu on the home screen consists of the following components:

  • List of Evaluations
  • Timestamps
  • Scores
  • Upload
  • Notes
  • Staff
  • General
  • Expense Reports
  • Complete Evaluation
  • Notifications


  • The offline app allows the user to rate the facility without needing internet connectivity and syncs when the connection is available.
  • Additional features include expense reports, directly uploading images, adding staff members and adding any extra notes.
  • Time-saving and discreet.
  • Aesthetically pleasant interface.
  • Location tracking of agents on assignments.
  • Excellent mobility granted to agents.
  • Two different modes for agents from Hospitality Checkpoint as well as brand owners.
  • Easy to access and comprehensive approach for scoring.
  • The added feature of summarizing the services for the assigned facility.