project overview

TimeWatch Infocom is a premium biometric manufacturer that provides easy-to-operate and safe options for identifying individuals uniquely. The company offers identity authentication mechanisms for time attendance, access control and enhanced control over security systems. TimeWatch is a market leader with 10+ years of experience and 5000+ satisfied customers across the country.

Trusted by millions of vendors globally, TimeWatch is a pioneer in the field of OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturing). The company provides consultancy, turnkey solutions and system integration in the field of auto-identification, access control, data capturing, ERP integration, time attendance and customized applications. The company accommodates customized software solutions for its clients that can be used nationwide


  • Inaccurate and sporadic attendance for employees on on-site and out-station meetings.
  • Manual and stationary enrollment process.
  • The long approval period for requested leaves.
  • Management system accessed only from the office.
  • Infrequent synchronization of data concerning various departments.
  • IT Solutions
  • Wireframe
  • Design
  • Development

our approach

TimeWatch has been using a system to manage the attendance of the employees. This system allows the user to record attendance, request leaves, keep track of leaves and attendance and access daily reports. The attendance management system has proven to be disadvantageous as the attendance wasn’t recorded accurately, leave approvals took longer and the information was not readily available to the users. The goal is to develop a mobile application that offers mobility and convenience to the user


The development of a multi-layered smartphone application that can be utilized by authorized personnel as well as the employees. The function of the app is to manage attendance, provide mobility to the user, leave management, location tracking, and tracking daily activities.

The app includes the following features:

  • Dashboard (including overall attendance and leave balance)
  • View attendance
  • Apply leave
  • Pending leave requests
  • Leave details
  • Face attendance
  • Auto-mark attendance
  • Daily report
  • Holidays
  • Change password
  • Enroll employees


  • Attendance accuracy of employees scheduled for on-site and out-station visits.
  • Utilizing geofencing to track the location of employees during work hours.
  • Web-based synchronization for application of various departments with authorized personnel.
  • Face attendance for the legitimate recording of attendance utilizing GPS and a photo of the user.
  • Tracking daily activities from various departments.
  • Flexible application of leaves, irrespective of the user’s location.
  • Timely approval of leaves.
  • Improved security with detailed login information.
  • Simultaneous synchronization on phones through the internet by users and admins.
  • Liberty to enroll employees at any time or place.