We are excited to announce that after over 2 plus years of powerful and impressive growth of the Masterly team, we decided it was about time to take a fresh look at its brand. Our new branding is officially live with more vibrancy. The rebranding exhibits our creativity and elevated ambitions to take more initiatives in the Software Product and Services world while staying true to serving our customers with efficacy.

What’s the new Masterly brand all about?

We wanted to bring a change in all the visual elements that represent our brand. Our goal was to create a visual representation that kept our morale of nobility, boundlessness and creativity intact. In addition to the new visual elements we also introduced a new tagline “Infinite Possibilities” that represents our company values as part of the rebrand. The rebranding was not only about transforming the logo and some colors, but a lot more about communicating the new and absolute ideology of Masterly.

What was the motivation for the rebranding? Why now?

As Masterly continues to grow, the products, scale and vision have evolved significantly. So, the way we symbolize ourselves as well as our brand voice needed to be transformed, elevated and exemplary in nature. We needed to connect the current stage of the company growth, our values, and our customers whilst keeping the Masterly DNA – our creative and distinct personality, geared up, magnified and progressive.

New Design Language Elements

Based on the finalised logo proposal and the ideas and values that supported it, we also worked on other visual elements. This includes our website, our products, print collaterals, digital branding, and more.

New Design Language Elements


The new logotype of Masterly is carved out of our tagline “Infinite Possibilities”. It has a distinct curvature and a sleek rhythm that makes it highly distinguishable and legible. It is simple, yet impactful in its own nature. We wanted to depict that we are connected across all platforms where our customer’s businesses run, and ensure a frictionless flow of operations.

Infinite Possibilities

Color Palette

The new logo of Masterly has moved away from the old gradients and now uses a pastel purple palette. Purple is a color of reliability, royalty, wealth, creativity, ambition, pride, dignity and deepened imagination. It represents the professional nature of our Company.

Colour Palette - Purple Palette

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