As we all know that ChatGPT can do a lot of incredible things which can help us in one way or another. But have you ever wondered, what if you can explore the bigger version of it? Here we are going to discuss what ChatGPT 4 is and how we can use this chatbot for business or personal use to make our lives easier.


GPT4 is an OpenAI chatbot that is not only limited to helping you with providing information, engaging in conversation and answering questions. Unlike other AI Chatbot it can perform a variety of tasks that are beyond our imagination.

Let’s discuss it further by uncovering its capabilities!

ChatGPT 4 Capabilities:


ChatGPT 4 released on March 14, 2023. And it has come up with vast changes than ChatGPT 3.

The primary function of ChatGPT is to generate content on a diverse range of topics. But now it has been pushed and stretched its limits to a functionality that can be an exciting alteration. Such as:

  • Higher word limit
  • More languages
  • Understands images
  • Improved accuracy
  • Faster answers

Let us go over them in greater detail.

Higher word limit:

Earlier, ChatGPT had a 3,000 word limit, but now ChatGPT 4 has a 25,000 word limit. That means Chat GPT 4 is 8 times faster.

More languages:

ChatGPT 4 is no longer a language specific AI model anymore. Earlier it had only a knowledge of several languages but now It supports many languages.

Understands images:

This Open AI Chatbot has a large multimodal capability as it can understand the images and it can also edit and explain images you have presented to it.

Improved accuracy:

As ChatGPT 4 has invented answers to most of the questions, it has become 82% less likely to give inaccurate answers.

Faster answers:

ChatGPT responds in average 3 seconds compared to ChatGPT which used to respond in average 6 seconds. So this will be time saving as well.

The capabilities of ChatGPT4 can be used to ease our tasks and get the best quality output from our work.

Now let’s move forward to know the features of this AI model.

ChatGPT 4 Features:


You might be wondering about the features of ChatGPT 4 and how to use it? Let us tell you, with ChatGPT 4 there are so many mind blowing things you can do.

As this AI model is superior to the previous one, you will get longer context, better visual inputs and many more features.

However, below are the biggest features of the Chat GPT 4.

  • It processes 8x words
  • It handles text and images
  • Can create websites from a single image

Let’s explore them in more detail.

It processes 8x words:

As we know, ChatGPT can reach up to 25,000 words, making it faster than the previous version. And because of this, the chatbot can respond with more variation, so it can be helpful not just with AI generated content and blogs but also with the content of websites.

It handles text and images:

ChatGPT 4 is a successor version of the previous versions of ChatGPT and ChatGPT 3. As it responds to text inputs it also processes image inputs as well. It is one of the most exciting features of Chat GPT 4.

Can build websites from a single image:

This is the most hyped feature of this version of Chat GPT. ChatGPT 4 will be able to convert hand-drawn images to fully functional website. Also, it not only managed to run JavaScript but also produced more content to fill the site.

ChatGPT 4 is a powerful tool for chatbot developers, content writers, and marketers who need to generate content quickly.

These are some of the best features of GPT 4 that we can use to get our tasks done quickly and effectively. But it has some limitations too.

Keep reading to learn more.

ChatGPT 4 Limitations:

There is no wonder that ChatGPT has sparked a new global race in the AI world in such a short period of time. Despite its capabilities, ChatGPT 4 has some limitations too as its earlier versions.

It is still not that much reliable because it hallucinates facts and makes errors in reasoning. It is essential to extreme care while using language model outputs, especially in high-stakes circumstances. Also, the model’s outputs may be biassed in various ways.

So these are some limitations of this AI model but instead focus on the limitations we can benefit from the features which can be very helpful to us.

Let’s move further with the guidance of using this fantastic AI model.

How to access ChatGPT 4:


Being its most important version so far, currently there is no way to access Chat GPT 4 for free. You’ll need the paid version of the site, ChatGPT+, to access ChatGPT-4.

Here’s how to get one.

  • Connect to the ChatGPT website at https://chat.openai.com/.
  • If you have already accessed ChatGPT+, the site will redirect you to ChatGPT4.
  • If you do not already have the premium version, you must upgrade from the ‘Upgrade to Plus’ option.
  • Selecting the upgrade option will display a comparison of the free and premium versions.
  • After the successful payment you’ll have full access to the most recent version of the chatbot.
  • When starting a new chat, a dropdown menu will give you the option of using one of the old models or GPT-4.

With ChatGPT 4, users can create conversations in natural language and have the chatbot respond accordingly. This makes it easier for users to interact with the chatbot without having to remember complex commands or syntax.

Overall, it can be used for a variety of use cases, from customer service support to creating engaging content for marketing campaigns. ChatGPT 4 is a one stop solution and indeed a best feature of Chat GPT.


With its easy-to-use interface, users can create engaging conversations with customers in no time. It can be used for all types of conversational content, from customer service chats, to marketing copy and even creative writing pieces.


ChatGPT 4 builds upon the advancements of its predecessor, offering improved contextual understanding, reduced biases, expanded response length, and better domain expertise. It aims to provide even more accurate and relevant responses.
Yes, ChatGPT 4 is designed to better handle complex prompts and maintain context over longer conversations. It can understand every small instruction and generate more accurate responses based on the ongoing discussion.
Yes, ChatGPT 4 is designed to be integrated into various applications and platforms through OpenAI's API, allowing developers to incorporate its conversational capabilities into their products or services.
There are many features of ChatGPT 4 that you can utilize to personalize your tasks. Here are some key features of ChatGPT 4 include:
  • Enhanced understanding of context and conversational flow.
  • A focus on generating contextually relevant responses.
  • Reduced instances of generating biased or inappropriate content.
  • Support for longer and more detailed responses.
ChatGPT 4 aims to provide better domain expertise across various topics and industries. While it may not replace domain-specific experts, it can offer valuable insights and information in a wide range of subjects.

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